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Professional Standards Committee Article – March 2018

Contracts College – because when you learn more, you earn more.

Contracts College is a set of courses designed for new and not-so-new Realtors® to understand the major residential purchase and sale forms including C.A.R. forms RPA (Residential Purchase Agreement) RLA (Residential Listing Agreement), Disclosure Documents, and Negotiation.

These classes teach help you inspire confidence in your clients when preparing an offer, signing a listing, negotiating terms, and handling your escrow.  Members love this class because the information is presented in a clear, concise way, with instruction by a C.A.R.-certified forms trainer.  Here’s what students say:

“It was a perfect class. I really learned a lot.”

“Great insight and lively! Explained all content clearly.”

“Great class – I so needed it.  Glad I came.”

“Great speaker.  The class is interesting and very informative!”

Many real estate professionals get caught up in the moment and can forget that many questions and issues that arise can be addressed simply by reviewing the documents.  For instance, during the escrow period, if the seller fails to submit to buyer all completed disclosures within the agreed time period (7 days unless otherwise agreed to), the buyer may issue a Notice to Seller to Perform.

Negotiating real estate transactions should not be a contentious event.  Of course, each side has their own interests and concerns, but at the end of the day, the C.A.R. forms are there to protect clients, promote good relations among stakeholders, and keep the process moving along smoothly.   The course includes a fun exercise involving role playing to help students see how to find solutions when issues arise.

BH/GLAAR issues Certificates of Completion to those students who attend all classes.

Other topics covered: What happens if there is unforeseen damage (such as a leaky roof) during the escrow period?  What if the buyer’s final walk-through (Verification of Condition) goes bad and there is severe damage to the property that the seller can’t repair?  What is the process in negotiating credits, repairs, and price adjustments?   How should the buyer address wood destroying pest inspections and repairs? So many such questions get answered during this vitally important course.

Join us for the next series: June 4th, 11th, 18th for the next series.  To register, call La Shawn Scales, Director of Education 310-967-8800.