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Public Relations – February 2018

January 2018 wasn’t just the beginning of the new year, it was also the beginning of a new committee with the mission of promoting the work of the Association, our members, and the REALTOR brand, to audiences both internal and within the community at-large.

Meet the Public Relations Committee!

Nourishing meals lovingly packaged for those in need at the Downtown Women’s Center. Prominent involvement with the local business community. Dozens of state directors leading the direction of our industry. Thoughtful learning sessions on the intersection of cannabis & commercial real estate. These are the stories that the members of our association are telling through their actions, it’s the public relations committee’s job, in part, to support these efforts, amplify their effects, and encourage more members to join in on the action.

The start of a new committee is a great opportunity for new members to get involved and the public relations committee will give members a unique chance to have a say in how the REALTOR brand and Association are promoted throughout the community and in the media.

We’re on a mission to share the successes of our Association and to create opportunities for our members to get more business, but we’ll need your help to succeed. Please join us at our first meeting on Wednesday, January 31st at 1pm.

John J. Graff,
Public Relations Committee Chair