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Smart Cities and Energy Efficiency

The relationship between information and communication technologies and the urban is more relevant than ever: connected city, digital city, or smart city … The shared goal is to put the digital serving the production of living spaces that are more functional, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

Faced with the increase of the urban population, the city must always optimize its organization and its resources: the inclusion of data in urban management is a key component of this organization. We know that the cities that will succeed the most will be those that will master the technologies of tomorrow to stimulate balanced economic growth. Sustainable city or “smart” meet on the sobriety in the use of resources (energy, water, raw materials) by a finer adjustment of supply on demand, but also an optimization of consumption, operation and maintenance of urban infrastructure and buildings. This is the technical and industrial challenge of energy loops.

Thus, innovation and energy experimentation are at the heart of the issues, on the performance of the urban system in general, for a better energy efficiency.   Christian Grusq is a Realtor in Los Angeles and the INTA US Delegate for the West and Pacific Coast.

Link : INTA US Pacific Coast CEO