5 must-watch games scheduled for the Patriots in 2020.


The regular schedule for the 2020 NFL season has been officially released. This means that it’s time to determine which matches are the most obligatory for each team. Now let’s look at the New England Patriots.

The strong regular season 2019 was interrupted by the loss of the wildcard round against the Tennessee Titans. And in the low season, the situation got even worse.

Quarterback Tom Brady has decided not to retire, but has signed a contract with the hijackers of Tampa Bay. That put an end to his 20-year career with the franchise.

Then Rob Gronkowski retired, but he did it because he wanted to play with Brady. And it was immediately exchanged for pirates.

That puts this team in a completely different position. And this creates a different perspective on the regular calendar of the 2020 season. Against this background, what are the five mandatory games of the Patriots in the coming season?

week 5 – Broncos de Denver

Patriots don’t meet pirates this year. Of course, that would be number one, but it’s not. Everybody’s on the move. And it starts with record number five, the Denver Broncos.

This may sound strange, but there are a few rules.

First of all, I didn’t want to play with the Patriots in every team of the AFC East Division. It’s too easy. I could just display the full list of New England rivals in the unit. So we’ll stick to one thing (we’ll come back to that later).

Second, Bronco has a sophomore quarterback with Drew Locke. Do you know who else has a sophomore quarterback as a guide? The patriots.

New England is currently planning the launch of Jareth Steadham. In 2019 he was in the fourth round and made only four attempts this season.

So it’s time to see how it defends itself against the competition. Where does the young quarterback stand in terms of skills, potential and development when it comes to players in the same concept class?

The castle has more NFL experience and more weapons. So there must be some discretion for Stidham. However, by taking action against Locke, the patriots were able to form a picture of the situation.

week 12 – Cardinals of Arizona

Denver is not the only team with a second quarterback that New England will face in 2020.

The castle was the second choice. The Cardinals of Arizona have chosen Kyler Murray, who has become the number one player in the 2019 NFL draft.

The castle has many weapons, but none are as good as those of DeAndre Hopkins. Murray has many talents and a year of development.

Currently, Stidham will have several representatives in the depths of the 2020 season. Some of these arguments about lack of experience will not tolerate so much water.

week 4 – Kansas Citybosses

To be honest, it might suck.

In 2019 it would of course be a great game. But it’s not about Patriots 2019. They still have great things (that the defense should be strong), but it’s not the same team anymore.

However, this may be an indication of their exact position in the team.

Can New England compete against the Super Bowl champion of 2019? Or will the leaders of Kansas City be harassed by them?

For example, everyone should know how far the patriots have gone before returning to the controversial position.

week 7 – San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo. That’s the point of the game.

The Patriots picked Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft and sold him to 49-year-olds in San Francisco a few years later.

The patriots don’t know what the future holds for the quarterback. Could New England be a Super Bowl candidate again if Garoppolo was in the lead?

I bet he has his weaknesses, but Garoppolo played in the Super Bowl last year. It’s a chance for New England to prove he didn’t screw up by acting.

weeks 8 and 16 – Counting buffaloes

That’s it. That’s it. Many expect Buffalo Beals to take a leading position in Eastern AFK. So in 8 and 16 weeks the patriots will prove the people wrong.

For the first time in seemingly eternal, the AFC East is what everyone needs. The Patriots could keep their crowns with victories in a large division.

Saint Larry Warford.




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