7 Players The Warriors Could Land Using Andre Iguodala Trade Exception – (via )

The NBA business exception is what happens if the team above the hat sells more salary (to the team below the hat) than it collects. The team that has exceeded the limit and made more transactions will receive a trading exception for the difference in the amount they can take back. You can use the exception to get more money in future exchanges.

Exceptions to the trade usually do not change the rules of the game, but for the warriors of the golden state it can certainly make a big difference. As a result of this trade, André Iguodal received an exemption of $17.2 million.

They might decide to buy a single player or split $17.2 million to buy multiple players. In any case, they have a number of viable options, as Brian Witt of NBC Sports Bay Area pointed out.

Ricky Rubio – $17 million

13 Items, 8.9 Assistance, 4.6 Setbacks (above the valley of the sun)

Of course, the Golden State Warriors don’t need a playmaker, but Rubio’s offensive brilliance will provide the much-needed boost to the bank. This season he has been an important member of the Suns, helping to control the attack and prepare his teammates for scoring. He’s also dramatically improved his outside shot from one of the worst to several decent shots in the department.

Evan Fournier – $17 million

18.8 Points, 3.2 Assist, 2.6 Setbacks (on tyre use)

Evan Fournier is in Orlando at the height of his career. Although his ability to shoot and score in other areas of the game is lacking, the warriors around him will be much more deadly. Moreover, at 27 he fits into the planning of the rest of the core and should have better years ahead of him.

Dennis Schroeder – $15.5 million

19 points, 4.1 Assistance, 3.7 Setbacks (via NBA.com)

Dennis Schroeder is one of the main reasons why Tonnerre has been so successful this season. His play outside the bench was crucial in encouraging rotation and maintaining the stability of his team throughout the game. There’s no reason why he can’t repeat his scoring and playing in the Gold State, where bank depth is a serious problem.

Kelly Oubr – $14.3 million

18,7 Points, 1,5 Help, 6,4 Setbacks (about the Vallée du Soleil)

Kelly Aubrey is probably the most wanted name on the list. As a young two-wing winger with great potential, he would be an excellent candidate for the Warriors. It will fill one of their weakest positions, give them young legs and help them to strengthen their dominance at both ends of the floor.

Rudy Gay – $14 million

10 points, 1.7 Assistance, 5.4 Setbacks (about Pounding The Rock)

The best gay days are over, but he will still be a good addition to the Warriors. His size and experience will be evaluated in the Golden State, as well as his ability to score points. With Steph and Clay he will have many open positions – which will probably lead to a year-long career for the iconic attacker.

Will Burton – $13.9 million

15.1 Points, 3.7 Help, 6.3 Setbacks (via Will Burton)

Will Burton is 29 years old and has just reached his peak. In Denver he is constantly and steadily present because the team dominates the West. He is an avant-garde athlete who can flourish under the right conditions.

Thaddeus Young – $13.5 million

10.3 Points, 1.8 Help, 4.9 Setbacks (via NBA.com)

As a powerful striker who has earned only $13.5 million, Tad Yang could be one of the most viable options. The bulls seem willing to go for relatively cheap silver, and its size would be much more valuable in the Golden State. Next to the shooting team he is asked to jump, score inside and defend himself against bigger rivals in front.warriors news,golden state warriors trade news,warriors new player,warriors free agency targets,nba trade,nba trade machine,warriors free agent targets 2020,most recent news on the golden state warriors




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