Burglars rob James Bond prop guns from the house of a collector in London

James Bond is a character created by Ian Fleming who appeared on stage in the 1960s. It was a time when action films were conceived as stories about the Second World War or life in the Wild West. James Bond of 007 was the exception. The audience first saw it in 1962 in the film Dr. No and it immediately became a success. He was British, had to deal with international opponents and achieve results at all costs. The super agent loved fast cars and had a soft spot for women. His department created special weapons and equipment to help him with his missions – and these weapons were part of his arsenal.

These accessories are highly appreciated by collectors and thieves who own five deactivated weapons from the collection. It happened tonight in a house in Enfield, North London.

A collection of James Bond weapons was stolen in a blatant robbery in London.
The rifles, five in total, were worth over $120,000. https://t.co/shhp3JEvZW.

– New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) 28. March 2020.

The Guardian describes it as an indispensable collection. A total of five weapons have been stolen, including those from the films Die Another Day and Watch the Murder. It’s a Beretta cheetah, Tomcat guns and a Walther PPK gun.

The thieves had already fled when the police arrived. The preliminary investigation showed that there were three of them. They were white men, and with them a silver car.

These James Bond guns are priceless.

James Bond used this weapon in the films Life and Death (1973), View of Killing (1985) and Another Day Die (2002). Roger Moore played a James Bond character in the first two films and Pierce Brosnan in the third.

The guns were Smith & Wesson, Llama gun and Walther PPK. The Magnum can be something special – it’s unique because the whole weapon is chromed. These objects are not only expensive, but also have sentimental value for the owner who collects them. So far, 24 films have been made with a British secret agent. The 25th. The premiere of No Time To Die with James Bond is ready to air, but has been delayed by the constant threat of the coronavirus.

The Guardian quotes a policeman: Guns are very characteristic and designed for certain Bond films. They will almost certainly be recognized by the public and by everyone who offers them for sale. The police are counting on the help of the local population to carry out the investigation. Some of them may have witnessed activities related to this crime or may have had knowledge that could be useful.

The James Bond coat of arms belonged to a passionate collector.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the stolen items come from a large collection that a passionate collector started 50 years ago. He doesn’t want to reveal his identity and confesses in one of the media columns: The flame’s gone out of my life. Did you ever feel like you wanted to die? Like you can’t look each other in the eye the next day? All weapons are down. He started his collection when he was a child and has countless memories of Bond. They include a wide range of items such as posters, clothing and many other weapons.

Before the burglary he was planning to send his weapons collection to a museum in Leeds for an exhibition. He knows they’re hidden because whoever stole them has no identification. You can’t lose them on eBay because they’re guns. It is clear that their knowledge base is uneven and insufficient and that their capacity is limited.

James Bond lasted almost 60 years

For James Bond it was a journey of almost sixty years, from Doctor No in 1962 to No Time to Die in 2020. Over the years, scripts and action scenes have constantly changed to keep up with the times and avoid boredom.

Sean Connery played the role of 007 for the first time, while Daniel Craig played the role of 007 in the 25th century. James Bond movie. Lately there has been talk of a woman playing the role, but the producer says that the maker has visualized James Bond as a man, and will continue to do so.

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