Get Hyped, the online version of the Chattanooga Film Festival is Jam-Packed with awesome movies and events.

Bloody Disgusting is happy to be the media partner of the Chattanooga Film Festival (CFF) this year, bringing the event online for the first time. This means you can all participate in the comfort of your own home in the United States (full access badges cost only $30).

Chattanooga today announced its busy schedule and live events for the 22nd annual meeting of the Chattanooga Club. From May to the 25th of May. May announced.

Extract from the press release:

The 2020 festival is a mix of emblematic guests, including Law & Order : USV star, hip-hop visionary and front man of the heavy metal band Body Count – Ice-T, who meets the acclaimed filmmaker and filmmaker Ernest Dickerson (Do the Right Thing, Juice, Demon Knight, The Walking Dead) for a rare interview about their cult classic Surviving the Game.

The SBB is also proud to welcome back its patron Joe Bob Briggs for a timely discussion with filmmaker/producer Mick Garris about the filming of the Stephen King classic on pandemics: Position. In all genres, the SBB will also have an excellent discussion about the renowned filmmaker Alex Winter (The Lost Boys, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Freaked), who gives an insight into the production years of his new documentary film Zappa. Also on the program is a unique performance by GWAR, that will answer live questions from fans as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of GWAR. We want to honour the 50th anniversary of their legendary metal plate Scumdogs of the Universe!

One of the highlights of this year’s festival is filmmaker Joe Dante, who will receive the SBB Lifetime Achievement Award. With an iconic and popular filmography featuring classics such as Howl, Piranha, Gremlins, Innerspace, Explorers and The Suburbs, he doesn’t want to miss the in-depth discussion about his legendary career.

As far as feature films are concerned, the SBB is pleased to present the world premiere of The Wanting Mareby Nicholas Ashe Bateman. This hauntingly beautiful film revolves around an imaginary world and a series of women who pass on a recurring dream over several generations. Bateman will also present World-Building in Independent Film: he will show visual effects tools for low-budgetfilmmakers tracing the production process and the digital journey to bring The Wanting Mare to life.

For the bloodthirsty public, SBB will unleash the world premiere of Skull. This mystical Brazilian massacre, born of the Fantaspoa festival and the very first market, sprinkles the streets of Sao Paulo. Filmmaker Kapel Furman channels his inner Jason Voorhees with the story of an old mask that takes on a human form in order to take a visceral revenge for the incarnation of his god.

The festival will be one of its favorite emerging distributors, Dark Star Pictures, with a selection of acclaimed films that are among the best and most unique works of 2020. The first is Jumbo. With Noémie Merlant, a film that made its debut at Sundance and received rave reviews. The Fantastic Fest team, one of the world’s best genre festivals that has been like a family to the SBB, is on board to present a favourite of the 2019 festival audience: Film by director Mickey Reece The Hunter’s Climate.

Shudder, an old employee of the SBB, offers a special commentary of FX legend Greg Nicotero on his Creepshow episode Gray Matterand comes into action with a handful of scary movies, including The Beach House. Jeffrey A. Brown’s film is the kind of intelligent science fiction horror that will take advantage of Richard Stanley’s latest Color Out of Space and Stephen King’s The Mist.

And here’s something incredibly cool, because this event will have a horrible visual component created by the ghost behind Mandy’s cheddar goblin:

Tim Reis, Paul Katzman, Mike Bremen, John Manfredi and Mike Morgan of the media team together with Shane Morton of Silver Scream (the creator of Mandy’s Cheddar Goblin) will design and build an unforgettable set for the live studio and the official headquarters of the virtual SBB.

Behind the scenes, the SBB has also hired Josh Goldbloom, the founder of Cinepocaylpse, as artistic director, whose passion for genre film is perhaps only overshadowed by his sense of anarchy.

Below you will find the list of the films that will be broadcasted, with details about the packages and the streaming partners.

THE ANTENNA | Director Orcun Behram

Turkey, 2019

In dystopian Turkey, the government is starting to install new television antennas for households throughout the country. Mehmet, a caretaker in a dilapidated housing complex, has to supervise the installation of the new antenna. When the program he sends begins to threaten the residents of the residential complex. Mehmet has to track down the evil creature.



It’s 1994… For centuries, a cult of demons has planned the destruction of mankind. When a small town in Colorado is invaded by a legion of mutant demons, three friends who are not demon hunters must use every skill they can think of to repel the demon apocalypse.

THE BEACH HOUSE | Director Jeffrey A. Brown


A romantic getaway for two restless university lovers turns into a fight for unexpected guests and the environment – with signs of a mysterious infection.

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NATURAL BEING | Director Tadashi Nagayama

Japan, 2019

Taka takes care of her uncle who suffers from dementia and lives in an idyllic cottage in the countryside. When Uncle Mitsuaki’s son returns, his quiet life of caring and bongo games seems to be at stake until he and his childhood friend Sho are reunited in friendship. But unwanted visits from a Tokyo family obsessed with nature threaten to destroy this bucolic existence. At the heart of a gentle pastoral comedy and satire on romanticized rural life, in the hands of Tadashi Nagayama (director of the Turtle Journey of 2016), events take a very unexpected turn.

BERSERKER | Director Jef Richard


Presented by Vinegar Syndrome

Six people who had rented a hut in the forests of Utah met a legendary Viking warrior who placed the claws and mouth of a bear in sight without any help.



Presented by Fantastic Fest

Two sisters, Alma and Elizabeth, and a dog called a philosopher, came to Alma’s isolated home to reconnect with Wesley after 20 years. Alma was recently divorced, Elizabeth is a workaholic in Washington, D.C., and Wesley lives in Paris and is involved with a woman who was recently struck by a fatal illness. When the three of them get together for dinner, there’s a mature love melodrama about loneliness and the desire to connect and share our lives with someone… but we have to add supernatural information to the mix: Wesley could be a vampire.

THE GROWER AND THE VILLAGE | Director Bryan Bertino


The Dark and The Wicked follow two brothers and sisters who are called back to the family farm to await the inevitable death of their father. What at first sight appears to be a timeless ritual of loss and memory turns out to be something completely different.

DEMENTER | Director Chad Crawford Kinkle


After fleeing a backcountry cult, a woman tries to change her life by taking a job in a home for adults with special needs, only to discover that she has to face her dark past to save a girl with Down syndrome.

DIRTY GOD | Director Sacha Polak

Netherlands/United Kingdom/Belgium/Ireland, 2019

Jade is a young mother in the prime of her life who suffered severe burns from an acid attack. When her face was rebuilt, her beauty was lost under the scars. On a self-destructive path where relationships crumble, Jade must take drastic measures to get her life back.

Eat Brain, Love |Director Rodman Flender


An ordinary lunch break explodes into an orgy of blood spatter and flying organs when drug addict Jake Stephens and cheerleader Amanda Blake in the school canteen suddenly abandon half the classroom. Infected with a zombie virus, they went looking for a cure and escaped Cass, a telepath who was supposed to track down and kill the infected. Can Jake and Amanda find love as they make their way through the national sex offender registry? The director of IDLE HANDS delivers a monstrous and bloody zom-rom-com.

PLEIN POUR FAIRE | Director Simone Scafidi

Italy, 2019

The first biopic on Lucio Fulci, with images, photographs and interviews that have never been seen before.

HELL RIDERS | Director James Bryan


Presented by Vinegar Syndrome

The Hell Riders are the most brutal members of a Southern California motorcycle gang; their activities are so extreme that they have been forced to leave their gang and now wander the countryside on their own looking for people to terrorize. After attacking a woman in distress who manages to escape to a nearby town, the Hell Riders decide to chase her and eventually land in the town, and begin by force to eliminate all those unfortunates who are on their bloody path.

HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE | Director Donald Wolfe


Presented by Vinegar Syndrome

An aging actress living in her Hollywood mansion, with an entourage of elderly servants, a mentally deranged new personal assistant who plans to take over the large estate.

CONFIDENTIAL | Director Zach Gayne

Canada, 2019

Michelle’s in her 30s. Linda’s in her late 40s. Michelle is an interior decorator and has just married Robert. Linda lives alone; she fills her days with painting and sports lessons. Looking for a new girlfriend, Linda Michelle follows one of their joint lessons and insists that the young designer comes to the landfill that Linda has described for herself. In an attempt to comfort Michelle, who doubts her marriage, Linda, overwhelmed by jealousy and terrifying illusions, begins an intricate cat-and-mouse game between herself and the young woman – a woman she won’t let go of so easily.

JUMBO | Director Zoé Wittock

France, 2020

The film is based on a true story and follows Jeanne, a shy young woman who lives with her uninhibited mother and works as a cleaning lady in an amusement park. During her last shifts she spends time with the attractive new Tilt-A-Whirl ride she calls Jumbo – and she makes an intimate connection with it. Eventually he is seduced by the red light, the smooth chrome and the oily hydraulics. So she wants to start an exciting new relationship with Jumbo.

KILLER QUEEN |Director Ramin Fahrenheit

Canada, 2019

Two transients, a drug dealer and a lonely girl, meet at a drug meeting, but their similarities lead to an unusual affair. At the girl’s insistence, the boy takes her on a carefully planned flight one night, but they choose the wrong couple – a sinister middle-aged couple with a passion for exploring poisonous plants. The incident reveals a dark secret about the girl – a disturbed sociopath and an active serial killer.

KOKO DI KOKO DA | Director Johannes Nyholm

Sweden, 2019

When a couple travels to find each other, a circus artist and his shady entourage come out of the forest and terrorize them, dragging them into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating farce.

THE LONG-TERM WAY |Director Mattie Do

Laos, 2019.

An old Laotian hermit discovers the ghost of a traffic accident victim and can take him back 50 years to the painful death of his mother.

SPOKESHIP PACKAGE | Directors Baron Vaugjm, Courtney Andujar, Hillary Andujar, Anthony Cousins, Emily Hagins, Aaron Koontz, Chris McInroy, Noah Segan.


We’ve all seen horror anthology films, but there’s nothing like SCARE PACKAGE, which adds a good dose of comedy to the mix. Each director worked with a different subgenre of horror, focused on the tropics and clichés that populate the genre. The result, according to the horror site BloodyDisgusting, is a charming film that becomes aware of the tropics that make up the genre he loves and immerses himself in it with heart, blood, guts and laughter.

SKULL | Director Furman Chapel

World premiere, Brazil, 2020

Born from the revolutionary Fantaspoa genre festival and the very first market, SKULL is a mystical Brazilian massacre that splashes the streets of Sao Paulo. Filmmaker Kapel Furman channels his inner Jason Voorhees with the story of an old mask that takes on a human form in order to take a visceral revenge for the incarnation of his god. Yeah, that’s it.

RED WHITE AND DETERMINED | Directors Andrei Bowden Schwartz, Sam B. Jones


A documentary film with an unforgivable immersion in the mud culture of Florida’s hinterland. Video Pat is a mud lover who will have to question his passion and perhaps his entire way of life when Orlando’s last mud hole is closed.

THE SOUND BELL | Director Casey T. Malone

World premiere, United States, 2020

Judah is a young man with a disease – he dreams while he’s still awake. His imagination makes it difficult for him to cope with the loss of an important person in his life, and when his cousin contacts him with a ridiculous plan to seize the wealth of his eccentric uncle Airmid, who has disappeared, Judah agrees to join him.

the deputy director for the big foot | the director zach lamplugh


Director Zach Lamplugh’s debut film (Adult Swim); This paranormal comedy follows a desperate millennium old reporter on the most important task of his career: Bigfoot. But after following an eminent cryptozoologist in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, he is forced to answer the question: Is a good story worth dying for?

THE WANTING MARE | Director Nicholas Ashe Bateman

World premiere, United States, 2020

In Whithren, a gender of women who carry a recurring dream through several generations.

DIE WELLE| Director Gille Klabin


An insurance lawyer (Justin Long) is in town to celebrate an upcoming promotion with his colleague Jeff (Donald Faison). But their night takes a strange turn when Frank takes a hallucinogen that completely changes his perception of the world.


CREEPSHOW | Greg Nicotero and John Harrison


Creepshow, the new anthology series based on the 1982 horror comedy classic, remains the best way to scare you! A comic strip comes to life and explores the horrors that range from murder to the supernatural and the inexplicable. This exclusive preview of the opening of the series, offered to SBB by our friends from Shudder, contains two horror stories: Gray Matter by Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) with Adrienne Barbeau (Escape from New York, The Fog) and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) and The House of the Head with Cailey Fleming. In Gray Matter, Richie’s drinking gets out of hand after a loved one dies. And in The House of the Head, Evie has to protect her doll’s housemates from an unexpected and murderous visitor. In this episode there is an audio commentary with the director of Grey Matter, Greg Nicotero, co-writer Philip de Blasi and the director of The House of the Head, John Harrison.

SEASON 2 COWBOY | Jeff Green

In 1990, children’s theatre actors Robert Eastland and Mike Cormier worked with radio producer Jeff Green on a crazy television pitch for a Canadian station that tried to produce its educational program. Against all odds, the green light was given for their pilot film and the three started producing one of the most bizarre but innovative children’s programmes ever made. Their first season started as a riff in THE HOWDY-DOODY SHOW, but mutated into a series of surrealistic comic sketches, experimental video art and caustic satire. As if Douglas Adams, Mark Frost and The Kids in the Hall WONDER SHOWZEN with the ingenuity of MST3K’s KMTA year, the second season catapults his hosts into space and confronts them with an evil realm of interstellar spread. This remix preserves the finals of season 1 and the first 12 episodes of season 2, which have been compressed by the Laser Blast Film Society into a complete runtime for a sparse but maximum fusion of ideas.



This year producer David Lawson (THE ENDLESS, SHE DIES TOMORROW, AFTER MIDNIGHT, SYNCHRONIC) will listen to seven selected songs for five minutes. From the top seven, one winner will be selected for a one-on-one video interview with Lawson to discuss his or her project.



Learning the art of storytelling and educating people about the world has long fascinated us at SBB. We believe that one of the best ways to learn and perfect these skills is to play Dungeons & Dragons. Last year’s live D&D event at the SBB was such a success that we decided to breathe new life into it, but this time we entrusted it to Game Master/CFF BFF Joel Ruiz.


Brian Salisbury, favourite critic of SBB fans, and C. Robert Cargill, author of Marvel Studios (DOCTOR STRANGE, SINISTRE), returns to present a live edition of their popular film podcast.


The podcast in which experts and enthusiasts compete with each other to create best-of-lists, centered on the screen! Under the direction of Clay Keller and Ryan Marker, a special SBB edition about the great horror films of the seventies will appear.


Led by filmmaker Billy Ray Brewton, Scripts Gone Wild presents live readings of beloved scripts with hilarious folk scripts. For the virtual edition of SBB we will stage a production of John Carpenter’s immortal classic, THE THING.


Blumhouse Productions presents SHOCK WAVES : Go with your host Rob Galluzzo (acquisitions and development for Fangoria), Elric Kane (This Week in Horror, Inside Horror), Rebekah McKendry (former editor in chief:, Fangoria) and Ryan Turek (VP of Development at Blumhouse Productions) for a weekly discussion and analysis of all facets of the horror genre! SHOCK WAVES focuses on the latest horror films, retrospectives of classic titles and very special guests from all aspects of the industry to cover a wide range of topics and give listeners an open insight into making some of the best genre films. SHOCK WAVES is here to quench your insatiable thirst for all that is terrible! SHOCK WAVES is presented by Blumhouse and the FANGORIA podcast network.

THE APPLE PIE SALON| Clay McLeod Chapman

For over 20 years, Chapman’s rigorous storytelling session, The Pumpkin Pie Show, has offered a glimpse of the most depraved monstrosities of Southern Gothic times. Sometimes darkly humorous, sometimes strangely heartbreaking and always to the point, these stories of madness and macabre explore the domestic horrors of everyday life and find horror in our own homes. This unique show plunges into the darkest abysses of these lunatics floating on the edge of humanity.


SBB is proud to work with our favourite archaeologists of cinema genius and ass-kiss VINEGAR SYNDROME to make a triple feature film with three bizarre and beautiful cinematographic highlights: HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE and BERSERKER. Put on your Pandemic DJs and join the party with host Liz Howell and special musical guests UNDEATH, who will help you get rid of your sleeping pills with their disgusting death metal records and ROCK ALL NIGHT.


Director Nicholas Ashe Bateman explains the largely digital journey that The Wanting Mare and his fictional world bring to life. During the early conceptual stages of film production planning, filming and the many years of shooting more than 500 visual effects shots, Bateman focused on exploiting the unlimited possibilities offered by modern, readily available technology and software. Designed for filmmakers and genre fans, World Building in Independent Film promises to be an entertaining demonstration of the power of visual myths, maps and magic.


Join Clay McLeod Chapman, author of the current series Scream from The Remaking and Marvel Comics : Curse of the massacre to discuss the hunt and gather new narrative elements to tell our own ghost stories. Whether it’s film or fiction, comics or something even crazier, this workshop will provide a very simple basis for spinning a wire around the campfire, regardless of the medium used.

This virtual edition of SBB 2020 is made possible by Microsoft and its partners MediaKind, Evergent, VisualOn, Media Team and Slalom. As previously announced, the feature films and short films will be broadcast on Azure via MediaKind’s MediaFirst TV platform and live events of the Microsoft team will support questions and answers, panel discussions and live events after the film. The integration with Evergent and VisualOn allows the film community and viewers in the US to purchase passes that allow them to access the event from their computers and communicate with many of the aforementioned filmmakers and guests.

Badges are offered for sale

Access badges for one day cost $10 and are valid for 24 hours from the date of purchase. Friday the 22nd. In May, the virtual SBB 2020 festival will be live at, where badge holders can log in and watch feature films, short films and live events with like-minded people.

Friday the 15th. Mei. One-day entry is available for $10, all entry badges for $30 and a VIP option for $100, which includes a few additional titles and special events.

Access badges for one day cost $10 and are valid for 24 hours from the date of purchase. Friday the 22nd. In May, the virtual SBB 2020 festival will be live at, where badge holders can log in and watch feature films, short films and live events with like-minded people.

If you want to register to be notified when the badges go on sale, go to

It is also important to know that the festival gives part of the proceeds to the participating filmmakers.tennessee film festivals,chattanooga film commission,faff chattanooga




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Get Hyped, the online version of the Chattanooga Film Festival is Jam-Packed with awesome movies and events.

Bloody Disgusting is happy to be the media partner of the Chattanooga Film Festival (CFF) this year, bringing the event online for the first...

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