Hollywood Rewind Malcolm X: Denzel Washington ‘s role is magnetic.

The author: Anvita Singh
| New Delhi

Published : 13. June 2020 7:00:58

Malcolm X

Hollywood Rewind was directed by Spike Lee and released in 1992.

At a time when several movements against systemic racism are taking place in the United States, Oscar-winning author and director Spike Lee has released a new film – Da 5 Bloods. The film focuses on African-Americans who fought for their country during the Vietnam War. Are you familiar with the problems African-Americans face and have you been in the past in various interviews and of course in films (She’s Gotta Have It, Jungle Fever, Do the Right Thing, Chi-Raq and recently BlacKkKlansman)? So it is not surprising that this man decided in the early nineties to do a biopsy on the controversial African-American activist Malcolm X.

Malcolm X, with the incredibly talented Denzel Washington, was released in 1992 and has always been an important work of art. Whether it’s a story, a filmmaker or things that concern him. In this period of calculation and high tension in the world it seems necessary to return to this classic by Spike Lee.

With its brilliance and the time it takes to complete a full cycle (the movie lasts almost 3.5 hours), Malcolm X is a watch that will satisfy you and attract your full attention. From Malcolm Little’s difficult childhood (as he was once called) involved in drugs and theft, to his imprisonment, the film successfully shows us how Malcolm Little became Malcolm X. Malcolm wasn’t always an activist, he didn’t have that luxury. He was transferred from one foster home to another, which made it clear to him that he was different and not worthy of the love and respect of a normal person who deserved it. For example, there is a scene in which a very young Malcolm is instructed by his teacher not to have the desire to become a lawyer. When he asks his teacher questions and courageously explains that he has better grades than most students in his class, the teacher tells him that Malcolm would be better suited for carpentry because he is good with his hands. The teacher also adds that carpentry is a great job for people with colour. Lee combines these images to build the defense of Malcolm X and show us that as a black man he has been tested over and over again. For his color.

But before the tension rises, we see a younger and happier Malcolm, who, like a white man, wants to straighten his hair to impress a few girls. During one of these dances he meets a white woman named Sophia, whom he takes as his mistress. But Spike Lee shows it’s not easy for Malcolm, even when they’re together. At one point he asks her to kiss his feet and serve him food. Sophia likes to do this, which encourages Malcolm to ask her when she screams about the rape. Later, when he and some friends are sentenced to ten years in prison for burglary, he only chuckles when the judge announces it. For Sofia, who was with him and was accused of the same crime, was sentenced to only two years. Malcolm says his main punishment was sleeping with a white girl. Thanks to these small but important revelations we have an idea of what the director is trying to say.

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The time Malcolm X spends in prison is one of the best moments of the film, thanks to the clarity of the story and of course the great acting of Denzel. Serenity, firmness, brutality, cruelty, curiosity – all these aspects of Malcolm’s personality are fully explored in a relatively short period of time. It was during his conviction that Malcolm X received his first acquaintance with the Nation of Islam (an organization dedicated to the spiritual, social and economic advancement of Afro-Americans). Yet the critics have already applauded it because of the alleged propaganda of black superiority). During his imprisonment, Malcolm reveals the popular doctrine of Christianity and condemns the understanding of the white man of Jesus as a blue-eyed, blonde God.

My only complaint about the film is its length. While I understand that a biopsy of this magnitude would have taken time to get a result, Malcolm X could have done it without the extra 30 minutes. In my humble opinion, if Lee would do that, the film would be even more powerful.

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