Jessica & Austin MAFS Update: Are They Still Together?


Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, stars of the upcoming new season Married at first sight, is one of five new couples introduced in season 10.

Jessica and Austin, stars of the hit reality series Married at First Sight, are this season’s favourite couple and probably one of the strongest couples we’ve ever seen at MAFS. Not only did the two meet immediately, but they also had a relatively drama-free season, with very few fights and almost nothing but love and laughter throughout the season.

What’s going on with Jessica and Austin these days? Did they stay together the day the decision was made? Are they still together? Here’s what we know. A WARNING: SPOILERIN THE LEAD! If you don’t want to know the fate of Jessica and Austin’s relationship, stop reading now!

Although we’re not sure where Jessica and Austin are today, we think the couple are still together, based on a photo of two viewers who appeared a few weeks into the new season and a video of them together in Los Angeles (the two stars wore their wedding rings!). Read on for more information:

The photo shows two people kissing on the couch, and they were seen together in Los Angeles

Jessica and Austin, MAFS, are married at first sight.

InstagramInstagrammer @mafsfan showed a picture of two hugs on the couch at the MAFS Watch party.

A photo of Jessica and Austin together recently appeared on Instagram after the @mafsfan account shared a photo of two people sitting on the couch together. The picture above shows a couple watching a new episode of the series, indicating that the picture was probably taken some time after the 10th episode. January season.

Although this picture doesn’t prove by a long shot that they are still married today, it does give us hope that Jessica and Austin will stand firm and stay married on the day of the decision.

@mafsffan also shared a recent photo and video at the Tequila Jacks restaurant in Long Beach, California, where Lifetime organized a special prom night. According to Instagrammer, the two reality stars wore wedding rings, so we think they’re still together today. See screenshot below, kindly provided by @mafsfan.

Jessica and Austin

Jessica and Austin were found in Los Angeles during the shooting of the 10th. The MAFS season reunion was seen, and the two stars wore their wedding ring!

Jessica told Austin in the last MAFSepisode that she loved him.

Jessica and Austin have been very close since the beginning and both stars love to have fun and laugh while spending time together. Apparently, the two men fall in love pretty quickly, and Jessica even told Austin that she loved him in the last episode of the series. Although Austin isn’t quite ready to answer, they both rushed to the experts just before they reannounced their marriage.

I feel so safe with him, Jessica told Dr. Coles, and added that she feels absolutely safe with her husband. Austin also added: I can’t put into words how that happened… I didn’t expect things to go so well, but I also loved her sex life.

The two reality TV stars also admitted that they were severely popped at each other at the beginning of this season. He’s done something several times… and I felt like my heart was a little short, Jessica admitted in a recent episode of the show. I mean, I’m really in love with him and I hope he feels the same way. I think we should take a look at it. Austin, however, told the producers that I’m putting a lot of pressure on my wife right now. To make someone feel at home, as a friend? It made me so happy.

Got married Wednesday night at 8:00. And for life. Here you’ll find updates on seasonal 10-draw, weekly spoilers, pair forecasts and more detailed MAFS coverage.

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