Manhunt Ends Two Days with Gunman Dead •

As a result of numerous ambushes, three officers were injured and one of the deputies was guarded.

PASO ROBLES – An almost two-day hunt for a man who shot several officers and allegedly killed a homeless man ended with a gunshot.

The suspect, Mason James Lyra, 26, of Monterrey, was shot and killed in the bed of the Salinas River, east of Highway 101 and Highway 46, at the western intersection at the southern end of Paso Robles, at about 4 pm. Thursday the 11th. June, 3:00. The rifles he used were found near his body.

I’m glad it’s finally over, said Police Chief Paso Robles Tay Lewis at a press conference Thursday night at the office of the Sheriff of Templeton. It was very difficult.

Around 4:00. At approximately 1600 hours, during the last change of fire with Lyra, an HRC officer and a Kings County deputy sheriff were wounded. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office reported that the suspect had been killed, and concluded the intensive investigation that had begun at approximately 3 a.m. the suspect was killed in the early hours of the morning. Wednesday morning in the centre of Paso Robles.

A CTU officer with a bulletproof vest was shot in the chest. Kings County Deputy Sheriff was shot in the leg above the knee.

Police officer Arroyo Grande was shot in the leg earlier by Lyra in the areas Ramada Drive and Volpi Isabel Road of Lyra.

I want everyone in the community to pray for our officers who have been injured, they are heroes and should be recognised as such, Lewis said. There are now officials from every agency in the district, Lewis added. They have all come together to protect the community, and that really reflects the best of our community in terms of law enforcement and professionalism, and I hope the community will recognize that.

An officer of AG was a member of the regional team of the San Luis Obispo Special Forces and helped the Sheriff of San Luis Obispo find it.

Every time law enforcement approached him, he’d involve them in a gunfight, Lewis said.

All the wounded have been treated in nearby hospitals and should survive.

The first investigation began early in the morning of Wednesday after Lyra reportedly fired several shots at the Paso Robles police station in the city centre and continued shooting at policemen as they left and arrived.

San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Dreyfuss was shot in the face by a gunman and was taken to a trauma center outside the county, the sheriff’s office said. He was transferred from the area where he had been successfully operated to a local hospital and then to the trauma centre. He’s on the watch list and his prognosis is good.

While the authorities were looking for the shooter, shopkeepers near the Paso Robles Amtrak station, a few blocks south of the police station, warned the police about the discovery of the body. A 59-year-old homeless man was found dead after being shot in the head once in the neighborhood.

Police believe the shooter, Lyra, is responsible for the homeless man’s death. Detectives suspect a homeless man was shot before Lyra drew his attention to Paso Robles police station.

We’re not 100% sure yet, but we think it’s happened before, Lewis said. That maybe it was one of the first things he did, he committed a murder and then went to the police.

At approximately 22:20 p.m. on Wednesday, the shootings were reported on Spring Street and Fourth Street. When she arrived at the scene, Lyra opened fire on the police and fled to a nearby apartment complex.

Shortly after, officers near Ramada Drive and Highway 46 noticed West Lyra and started firing again.

Lyra was spotted in the video buying a chevron at a gas station on Ramada Drive around 2:00. Thursday morning.

Lira’s search continued from the air and on the ground, concentrating on the riverbed south of the petrol station behind the shops, until he was finally surrounded by officers on Thursday afternoon.

These are hard times for us, said SLA County Sheriff Jan Parkinson. We still have a lot of work to do on this investigation. The investigation is ongoing. It’ll take all night. We have a huge amount of physical evidence that needs to be processed and analyzed at the crime scene.

Investigators believe that Lyra has been in a state of shock and distress since her release from Monterey prison on March 3. June because of a criminal complaint in Paso Robles. They also collected evidence that Lyra lived in a grim neighborhood near the Park Cinemas in downtown Paso Robles.

The Paso Robles police station is responsible for the murder investigation, while the sheriff of San Luis Obispo County is responsible for the investigation.

It was never a happy ending, Parkinson said. If we can rewind it and the police, our agents or my deputy are never involved, I’d be happy if we can rewind it now.

It wasn’t a victory. It’s the end of something we never want to see happen, and I really believe this community doesn’t want to see that happen. The only chance is that the community will be safe from this event tonight, Mr. Parkinson added.

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