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The workers are waiting for their way back.

Migrant workers in Ahmedabad have waited several hours to board trains back to Uttar Pradesh (Photo: Reuters)

On a day when painful pictures of a woman walking home and dragging her child fall on a bag with a cart, and of a man dragging his pregnant wife on a cart across the country, the migrant workers in Ahmedabad (above) waited hours to board the trains that brought them home to Uttar Pradesh. In the meantime, the railway company has cancelled all bookings for old trains up to 30 years old. June canceled. The scar and the other special trains that started operating the trains stuck in the blockade will continue.

Migrants receive free food grains for two months.

The Centre announced on Thursday that about eight criminal migrants, with or without a ration card, will receive free food pellets for two months. It had also developed a programme to provide affordable housing for the city’s poor and migrant workers. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman issued a statement as part of the economic aid program of the ₹20 lakh crore Center to counter the effects of a seven-week blockade on the coronavirus. Emphasis was placed on migrant workers, street vendors, small traders, the self-employed and small farmers.

New Zealand plans to set up a fund to preserve jobs

picture : AP

Restrictions imposed by New Zealand had been relaxed and priority given to hairstyles and tattoos. After seven weeks of isolation, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opened shops and some boutiques on Thursday. The government has also announced a $50 billion fund to save jobs and reduce unemployment to pre-growth levels within the next two years. This corresponds to about 17% of the country’s GDP and illustrates the enormous challenges the economy faces as a result of the embargo. UN warns of global mental health crisis due to pandemic

UN warns of impending mental health crisis

In recent months there have been reports of illness and death, loss of jobs, poverty, isolation and fear, and the United Nations is now warning of an impending mental health crisis as millions of people try to cope with the pandemic. Governments need to put mental health at the centre of their responses, the report says. Domestic violence is on the increase and health professionals say they need psychological support to deal with stress, grief and burnout. Meanwhile, Youniseef said another 6,000 children could die from avoidable causes within six months if Covid-19 is introduced into the health care system.

8 out of 10 workers in the cities lost their jobs within two months.

employees who lost their jobs

Two-thirds of workers (67 percent) in 12 states reported losing their jobs in a study of 3,500 people conducted by Azim Premji University. In general, the urban areas of India are the most affected: Eight out of ten workers (80%) have lost their jobs, compared to six out of ten (57%) in rural areas. For those who still work in non-agricultural activities, the average weekly wage has decreased by 90%. The survey measures employment and income levels since the blockade was imposed on 25 January 2007. March and compared with the situation in February.

Steel production fell in March

Production and demand for steel in India, the world’s second largest producer, fell last month as demand for construction and automotive products dried up during a national blockade to combat the pandemic. Steel production fell by 70% compared to the previous year to 2.75 million tonnes, while consumption fell by 91% to 700,000 tonnes, the Ministry announced. Private installations have been hit harder than public installations. Manufacturers will continue to produce some steel because blast furnaces are expensive and time consuming to close and restart. This is expected to lead to a significant increase in steel reserves.

The number of suicides is decreasing because more time is available for the family in Japan.

In April, the suicide rate in Japan fell 20 percent compared to the previous year, the largest decline in five years, despite fears that the pandemic could increase stress levels. One of the reasons for this decline is that people spend more time at home with their families and harass fewer children because schools are closed. A state of emergency was declared on the 16th. This measure was imposed in April after the number of cases had peaked at 500 per day. It will soon be abolished in 39 of the 47 prefectures. Japan is also working on a second budget for rent subsidies and more for redundant workers to help businesses and people affected by the pandemic.

Thailand is preparing for the second phase of the assistance

Thai shopping malls prepare for reopening with robots, drones and masks (Photo: Bloomberg)

Sanitary robots (left) have been used as shopping malls in Thailand to prepare for reopening. The country is gradually lifting the blockade and maintaining the state of emergency and curfew until the end of May. Thailand reported a new case of Kovid-19 on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases to 3,018. It follows a four-step process to limit damage, with a two-week assessment phase for each case to ensure that there are no fluctuations. Restaurants, hairdressers, flea markets and golf courses on the 3rd floor May has reopened…

Fewer new unicorns in China because the virus slows down growth.

The velocity of unicorns in China has fallen to its lowest level in seven years, as venture capital funds withdraw from funding at an early stage and the economic impact of portfolio investments to combat coronavirus outbreaks is exacerbating the situation. According to PitchBook, on the 13th… Only four Chinese starters can obtain unicorn status for a value of $1 billion or more, the lowest level in the same period since 2014. The volume of early-stage venture capital financing has decreased: By the end of April, only 13% of the funds had been allocated to the angel and seed capital financing rounds, a decrease from the third financing round five years earlier.

Carlos Sainz goes to Ferrari, makes a video for Mclaren.

In a moving video, F1 driver Carlos Saines thanked the McLaren team and his fans just hours after it was confirmed that he would change to Ferrari for the 2021 season. The young Sainz, 25, will join Charles Leclerc, 22, in the team leaving Sebastian Vettel. It will be the youngest Formula 1 pair in Ferrari’s history – and probably the most beautiful.

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