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Friends dig the pit as Chennai mobs attack family, stop the burial of the doctor.

Written by Arun Janardanan | Chennai |. Published : 21. April 2020, 2:56:38 Dr. K. K. K. Simon Hercules is finally buried with the support of...

UP notifies six private hospitals for dedicated treatment of Covid-19 cases

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has begun to register private hospitals as specialized medical facilities for patients of Kovid 19. In small towns in the...

Save The Sparrow – A Unique Environment concept by Jeeya Desai

Surat: The National Publication Fair and also Gardening Exhibit arranged by Surat Municipal Company had actually prepared various competitors, in which, pupils...

G.D. Goenka International School students pay tribute to Martyrs of Pulwanma attack at Martyrs Memorial build at the Green Udhna Station

Surat: Trainees of G. D. Goenka International College, saw the only Pulwama Martyrs memorial of the nation, developed by The Eco-friendly Male...

The lessons women learnt from Fyre festival

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