Star Wars Fans Are Loveing Jedi Temple Challenge

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Over the years the Star Wars franchise has achieved a lot, but the beginning of Star Wars: With the first official Jedi Temple Challenge children’s game show, a franchise company is breaking new ground. In a series such as Double Courage and The Legend of the Hidden Temple, the series is also one of the few Lucas film projects that has found a way to mix canonical mythology with the real world, since most other experiences have to fit into the world of storytelling. The first two episodes of the series are now online, and fans are following things enthusiastically.

In this series, Ahmed Best guides players through three sets of challenges as they compete to become Jedi Knights and possess the iconic symbol of the protectors of peace and justice: the Lightsaber. In the first round, the resistance tests, the obstacle course is presented with lightsaber parts, which are available after each part. In the second round, The Trial of Knowledge, teams are invited to listen to a fairy tale and then ask questions about it. In the final round, the rest of the team must work their way through the Jedi Temple, facing a combination of obstacles and memory problems, with the voice of the Dark Side helping them solve a puzzle in exchange for making it more difficult.

Whether it’s an innocent space concept or the return of Best to the Star Wars after the performance of Jar Jar Binks in the previous trilogy, the series has something that fans love. Scroll down to see what the fans of Star Wars think: The call of the Jedi Temple.


Attacking a Jedi temple is drugs! All this in the spirit of Star Wars and the children’s shows of the early 90s! Good work @ahmedbest

– 9. Party planners on the eve of the riots (@BEPPPodcast) 10. The party planner is one of the most important players in the world. June 2020.


Positive energy

Calling a Jedi temple is good. I like the positive energy that comes from it.

– eeva |looking at a man (@reyoffjakku) 10. June 2020.



The reputation of the Jedi temple is excellent.

– Mark’s Forever Star Wars ️ (@djmmarquis) 10. June 2020.



As a child I saw a lot of fun game shows and as a student I wrote questions for a children’s game show. I am very happy that @ahmedbest organizes new Star Wars events: The reputation of the Jedi Temple and the size of the show is amazing!

– (@eminus) 10. June 2020


Surprise Excitement

I’ve enjoyed this Jedi Temple experience more than I ever thought. I know it wasn’t meant for me, but I really enjoyed it and invested more in the competition than I could have imagined. Ahmed was great, and I liked the droid, too.

– Matt K (@Quettam) 10. June 2020


Wholesale Fun

I just wanted to say Star Wars: Defying a Jedi temple is one of the most useful Star Wars things I’ve ever seen. The fact that sympathy for BOTH episodes far exceeds sympathy shows that Disney… on @YouTube…

– SpongeBobby MoiniPanty (@googamp32) 10. June 2020.


Halloween approaching

Costumes of the Jedi Temple participants should be the number one costume of Halloween this year, or so help me…

– It is not the moon, it is Thomas (@thomasLharper) 10. June 2020.





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